June 23, 2021 4 min read

Planning a wedding is an exciting journey, but it’s also a lengthy process that involves a lot of decision-making. As such, making a few missteps is a common thing among soon-to-be-married couples.

Of course, every bride and groom envision their wedding day as the most perfect day in their lives. And it certainly doesn’t involve dealing with unpleasant surprises that could’ve easily been prevented with careful planning and organizing. With that in mind, here are five wedding mistakes and other crazy things to avoid when planning your big day.

Not having a budget to stick to

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Probably one of the biggest wedding mistakes you can make, not having a budget to stick to is one of the surefire ways to make the wedding planning process much more challenging and stressful than it has to be. Many of us would rather get that gorgeous dress or book that ideal venue without really looking at price tags. The thing is, most of us aren’t that lucky. The last thing you want is to cancel your honeymoon or cut down your wedding guest list because you went well over your budget.

To avoid these pricey wedding mistakes, certain financial boundaries have to be set early on. Only after getting your finances in order and coming up with a plan on how to fund your dream wedding can you move on to deciding on the guest list, the venue, the dress, and everything else.

Feeling obligated to stick with what’s traditional

Retaining some elements of tradition on your big day is great, but certainly not mandatory. This is a wedding mistake many couples make in an effort to please others. What they end up with is a wedding that’s there to please everybody else except the couples themselves. The wedding day is the one day couples should be able to celebrate their love in their personal, unique way. Therefore, infusing the wedding with personal elements that showcase couples’ individuality is a must.

Not a fan of pricey wedding party favors (or favors in general)? Skip them! Don’t like the idea of delicate decor? Choose a signature color and go all the way. Some traditional rules are made to be broken, and the same goes for your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. If you’d rather you and your girlfriends rock some unconventional clothing pieces, then by all means go for it. One look at Moda clothing and you may find some eye-catching garments that’ll work perfectly for your big day. Cold shoulder, collared lace, or embroidered dresses with Victorian elements? That’s up to you to decide!

Not communicating clearly with your wedding photographer

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With wedding gown, budget, guest list, and other crazy things on your mind, it’s all too easy to put other important stuff such as getting gorgeous wedding photos on the back burner. That said, your wedding photographer is the one who’ll capture all those exciting moments, sounds, movements, and emotions. Therefore, it’s important that you do your best to keep everything organized and communicate your wishes clearly to your photographer. They can create a timeline for the two of you so that you can tackle everything as quickly as possible.

Aside from the photographer, you should also consider hiring someone to make the movie version of your special day. In fact, skipping video is one thing many couples see as a mistake after their wedding day is over. Surely, it may seem like a great way to cut wedding costs. But, given how everything goes by in a flash, you may want to include wedding videography in your wedding-planning checklist.

Announcing your engagement too soon

Getting engaged is a big thing. It’s a step that couples get excited over and naturally, they want the whole world to know about their decision. The thing is, some couples get overly excited and go straight to updating their social media profiles. They often do this before even sharing the big news with those closest to them – big mistake!

Announcing your engagement is very much like buying an engagement ring – you want to do it strategically. There are a lot of factors that come into play, and timing really is everything. Instead of rushing and doing it too soon, wait for the right moment. You only get to do this once, so you might as well do it the proper way.

Sweating the small stuff

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Last but not least, another common wedding mistake newlyweds regret making is stressing over the smallest details. The truth is, we all want a wedding that stands out. The problem arises when couples get so immersed into the process that they forget to actually have fun that day.

This is, after all, one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Surely, you don’t want to let those couple of details that didn’t go as planned ruin your special day. Instead of sweating the small stuff, take a slow, deep breath. Let things happen the way they’re supposed to, embrace everything as it is, have fun, and, of course, be present!

Wrapping up

As with any event planning, wedding planning does come with its own set of challenges. There are pitfalls to avoid, and knowing what to watch out for can spare you the unnecessary hassle later on. Keep these tips in mind when planning your big day and you’ll be walking down the aisle with confidence.