June 17, 2020 3 min read

The big day came and went, and you made memories to last a lifetime. You want to preserve the mementos of your magical celebration — but where should you store your gown? What should you do with your bouquet?

An entire industry is devoted to preserving your sentimental keepsakes. From flowers to beach sand, here are eight ways to store the most cherished items from your wedding.

1. Turn Your Flowers Into Art 
Wedding Keepsakes

You can transform your bridal bouquet and the flowers you used for decor in dozens of beautiful ways that let you gaze at them daily. Preserve them and use them in a paperweight made from epoxy resin.

You can press them into a frame to hang on your wall or pay a professional artist to paint a picture. You can also store your flowers in silica to remove moisture and coat them later with hairspray.

2. Store Your Gown in a Cool, Dry Place

You can use the material from your gown to make a christening dress for your first baby, but you must first store it properly. You will need to pay a professional to clean and seal your wedding dress in an airtight container to prevent damage and discoloration.

Expect to pay a pretty penny for this service at the cleaners, but it is worth every cent. 

Once you collect your preserved gown, you must store it in a climate-controlled, dark location, such as an empty storage locker in your garage. Just make sure to keep it at a cooler temperature.  

3. Use Your Veil in a Photo Frame 

Your veil is part of your ensemble, and perhaps a significant one if you had a long train. Regardless of the length, you can take a small piece of the fabric and layer it over one of your favorite wedding photographs.

Then, place the frame around it to form a shadow box that gives a gauzy, artistic feel to any picture. 

4. Remember Your Honeymoon With Jewelry

Did you and your beloved jet off to a romantic beach getaway for your honeymoon? You'll want to remember the magic of when it was just the two of you once daily life gets hectic. 

Why not take some sand with you to create homemade jewelry that you can wear anywhere, even to the office? This project is super easy to complete, requiring a necklace or ring pendant and resin.

When the stress of looming deadlines and a micromanaging supervisor overwhelm you, close your eyes and transport yourself back to your oasis. 

5. Save Your Top Tier 

Are you and your beloved planning to take part in the tradition of saving the top tier of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary? If so, you'll want to make sure you aren’t stuck eating a pile of mush. 

Before you begin wrapping the sweet treat, let it cool so that the icing hardens. Take off any decorations like flowers or cake toppers. Wrap everything up twice, and take care when loading your freezer. You want to preferably keep your tier on a shelf where it won’t get crushed under a wayward bag of ice. 

6. Create Personalized Newspapers
Wedding Keepsakes

The best way to save your memories is to write about them, so why not create a newspaper of your big day? Pretend you are a reporter and capture all the essential details.

The best newsrooms have a full crew, so get your guests involved by having them share their favorite recollections. You can send them the completed paper as part of your thank-you note when you follow up on gifts. 

7. Make a Time Capsule 

Making a wedding time capsule isn’t challenging. All you need is a container — one large enough to hold your toasting flutes and other items. If you are a traditionalist, you can go with a hope chest with a lock.

If you select this option, get your guests involved by letting them contribute objects. 

8. Turn Invitations Into Ornaments 

What can you do with those “yes” RSVP cards? Why not turn them into ornaments that you can hang on your holiday tree? You can have them blown into glass to adorn your holiday tree.

If you have cats or little ones — or hope to soon — you can press one into self-hardening clay to make a sturdier version that won’t shatter under careless fingers or paws. 

Store Your Wedding Keepsakes for a Lifetime of Memories 

You want to remember your wedding day for life, so make sure you store your mementos carefully. With the right techniques, you can enjoy your big day’s magic all over again on your 50th anniversary.