SKU: 40099910302_01

Curtain Organza LED 3x12ft Warm White

Commercial Quality White Organza Curtain with LED strands. Measures 3 feet width X 12 feet length with plug in 288 Warm White LED lights. The lights are sewn into the curtain so it is easy to hang. Use the White Organza Curtains with LED Lights to uniquely light up the room. This translucent curtain displays the strings of light as twinkling, rippling beams, as if they were far away candles, or stars in the dark night. Create a magical backdrop with this lighted curtain. This curtain is 3 feet width X 12 feet length. There are 8 strands of LED lights with 36 lights per strand. These tiny LED lights do not get hot. The cord leading to the curtain is 19' long.