SKU: 1554_12

Richland Chunky Votive Holder Gold Mirrored Set of 12

Richland Mirrored Chunky Glass Holder 2.5" Set of 12

We are simply in love with our new gold mirrored chunky votive holders! Our chunky glass holders are a favorite. With the beautiful and substantial glass and the mirrored finish, this holder is a true winner. This holder pairs perfectly with Richland Votive Candles, Tealight candles, and LED tealight candles. Also offered in Rose Gold and Silver! Mix and match to create gorgeous hues of golds and silvers. Absolutely perfect for weddings, events, special occasions, and home décor!

Dimensions: 2.5"(H) x 2.5"(W), inner opening is 2"

Not guaranteed to be dishwasher or detergent/soap safe