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Richland 3-in-1 Candle Accessory Set

Richland 3-in-1 Candle Accessory Set 

Experience the finest in candle care with this fabulous set of black metal candle accessories! This set is perfect for candle lovers, event planners, restaurant or worship center staff, and anyone who uses candles often. With the innovative tools in this set, gone are the worries of what to trim candle wicks with, getting too close to a flame to put it out, or ruined candles from buried wicks! This kit is a great choice for maintaining optimal candle performance and aesthetics. 

 This set includes (3) expertly crafted tools:  

Candle Wick TrimmerExcellent 7-1/8" long tool for trimming candle wicks to the recommended length of 1/4" prior to each use. Promotes even burning, prevents soot, and enhances candle longevity. Use only when the  candle has cooled to room temperature. 

Candle Snuffer:  Elegant and functional 9.6" long accessory that safely extinguishes candles without the risk of wax splatter or accidental burns. Simply place the 1.4" wide bell over the flame and wait until the flame goes out. Be careful to not  submerge the bell into the wax. Do not touch it after use - it will be hot.

Candle Wick Dipper: Precision 7.5" long instrument with 1/2" long dipper tip designed to extinguish a flame by slightly bending it into molten wax, moving a shifted or stuck wick, or removing debris from the wax pool. Use of this vine engraved piece removes the chance of a puff of smoke, hot wax splatter, or scattering of soot that accompanies traditional methods like blowing. 

The set comes conveniently packaged in cardboard box with a plastic window cut-out - making it a great gift for housewarming, holidays, birthdays, engagements, and weddings, and business owners.