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Preserved Red Rose 4" (1)

Add a pop of vibrant color to your romantic wedding or sultry event with this velvety, Preserved Rose in Red. This gorgeous bloom is a large, real rose head that has been preserved to maintain its pliability; and dyed to provide vivid color. Flexible and soft to the touch, this bright red bloom feels just like a freshly picked rose, yet retains its beauty for much longer. This rose head is ideal for fashioning into a lush bouquet using floral wire; or center it within a large bubble ball vase on a bed of crushed glass vase filler for a subtle yet stunning centerpiece.

(1) Preserved Rose Head included.  It measures approximately 4 inches wide.

Preserved with a glycerine based solution, together with natural food dyes. The preservation process stabilizes the color and leaves them looking and feeling, as fresh as the day it was picked. Do not put on white icing directly as the dye will bleed. Place a piece of plastic under the rose to prevent the dye from bleeding.