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Richland Glass Pebble Vase Filler – Green (12 Containers)

Richland Glass Pebble Vase Filler - Green (Set of 12)

Our glass pebble vase filler can be used to fill bottles, vases, bowls, and more to spruce up an array of settings. Using this vase filler adds some WOW to floral and candle centerpieces; and is a perfect and easy way to incorporate a pop of color into home and event decor! The small glass pieces are opaque in look; and will vary in size and shape. Elevate your displays with these precious little pebbles!

These glass pieces serve decoratively to add texture and interest; but also functionally to weight vases and stabilize items inside.

  • (12) Containers Included.
  • Each container includes approximately 1lb. of filler. 
  • Also offered singly or in a set of 24 containers.