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Richland 13" White with Gold Rim Charger Plate

Richland 13" White with Gold Rim Charger Plate

Glamming up our traditional white charger plates with a gold rim. This beautiful acrylic charger plate instantly adds sophistication to your table with the gold rim finish. Our Richland Charger Plates will have your guests wondering how you created the perfect table! Not only are Charger Plates a beautiful and elegant addition to your table top, they serve other purposes as well. They add a shimmer and color to design and they protect your linens.

(1) Plate included. Diameter: 13" (W)

Our Chargers will fit standard dinner plates easily as well as bowls or dessert dishes. The painted edging adds to the beauty of the plate and dimension to the look of the table. Using Richland Charger Plates allow you the ease and confidence in decorating that create the perfect look! Choose from our many styles & colors to easily match any design!

Note: Not guaranteed to be dishwasher or detergent safe.