SKU: 84230606090_01

Gold Carraway Compote Vase 6" x 5"

The Gold Carraway Compote Vase is has a dappled gold mercury glass finish that is translucent enough to let a few slivers of light seep through, and reflect the rest off of the silver interior. Use this raised, small bowl compote to illuminate a luxurious evening party. The scalloped opening, slightly ribbed bowl, and charming pedestal makes this item perfect for events such as weddings and dinner parties. 

Dimensions:  This piece measures 5" tall and 6" across, with a 3.5" base. The depth inside is about 3.5". 

Note:  Not dishwasher/detergent safe. If using with fresh flowers, we recommend using floral foam or a pin frog (not included).