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Clear Water Pearls 150ml

Water Pearls are a non-toxic polymer bead that comes tiny then expands in size more than 100% when soaked in water - giving the pearls an almost gel-like feel that’s cool and wet to touch. This product is perfectly suited as glass filler for our cylinders, square vases, and hurricane vases. With these clear water pearls, you can give the appearance of items being suspended within the glass vessels but adding water in with the beads. Includes 150ml worth of pearls (approximately 30 teaspoons). 

Must be soaked in water 6 hours to achieve their best size. Each pearl grows to approximately 3/4” in diameter (size varies on length of stay in water).

NOTE:  The secondary photo displays the small size of the water pearls when received; along with the growth size once soaked. In the third photo shown - the smallest vase is 6" (H) and contains 1 teaspoon. The largest vase is 10.5" (H) and contains 2 teaspoons. Both vases are 3.25" (W). 

  • Fill each vase with the desired teaspoons according to size. Once the dry pearls are added to the vase, fill each vase with water to the level you wish your Water Pearls to achieve. After approximately 4 hours, the Water Pearls will fill the vase. If left in the water longer than 4 hours, the Water Pearls can grow to a larger diameter and increase in height in the vase.
  • Water Pearls are NOT edible and could be a choking hazard. Small children should be kept away or supervised at all times.
  • Water Pearls are extremely slippery when spilled.
  • Never flush or pour them down the drain, as the swelling could clog drain pipes.
  • Water Pearls can be used, dried, and re-hydrated.
  • Water Pearls are non-toxic, bio degradable, and eco-friendly.