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Richland Hollis Wall Vase Set of 2

Richland Hollis Wall Vase

Hollis makes us HAPPY! The simple round flat shape of this glass wall vase will fit into any space. With a small hole on the back side of the vase, hanging these on your walls is a breeze. Amazing & Awesome! Hanging Wall Vases will instantly turn a blank wall into a masterpiece. Simply add your own dash of style and color to these fab little vases. Unlimited possibilities in decorating home or event spaces abound with the four style choices! Fill with any of our wonderful faux flowers or choose fresh blooms and watch the transformation of your space! Choose from the Hallie, Haven, Hollis, or Hoyt styles. Mix and match to create an eye catching wall display or use all the same shape to complete your design. Perfect for home and event décor.

Dimensions: 5"(H) x 4.5"(W), 1.5" (opening)