Eastland Cylinder Pillar Candle Holders 6" , 7.5" & 10.5" Set of 3

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Looks Great With Our Hand-Poured Pillar Candles!
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Eastland Cylinder Pillar Candle Vase Set of 3

This ready to use graduated set of 3 Eastland Cylinder vases takes the guessing out of decorating! With three sizes that add levels and dimension to your table, this set is perfect for any occasion or setting.

Set include one of each size: 6", 7.5", and 10.5" glass cylinder, each with a diameter of 3.25"

Cylinder vases can be paired with Richland 3" Floating Candles, Richland 3" Pillar Candles, Vase fillers, submersible tea lights, or your favorite flowers.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Eastland
Height 6" / 7.5" / 10.5"
Opening Size 3.25"
Base Diameter 3.25
Country of Manufacture United States