Infinity Reflection Holders


Infinity is a long time…but this Deal of the Week won’t be around long!

Talk about a product that keeps a glow going…our Infinity holders have this amazing effect of creating a look that lets your candle light go on and on and on and on!

Semicircle, Triangle, and Square shapes grace our Infinity Candle Holder line!

The shapes add to the uniqueness of this fun & modern product! Creating a look of endless candlelight has never been easier! A few tips on where & how to use these fabulous holders…

Try making a small space feel warm with endless candlelight! Place the holder in space that is smaller to enhance the setting. When filled with tealight candles, this holder will not only add warmth it will make the space seem bigger by the enhanced effect of multiple candles that go on forever.

Mix this more modern holder with natural elements of wood & floral. When combined with different décor, you can create your very own amazing look! Don’t be scared to mix and match styles, shapes, and colors. Adding fresh flowers with greenery and wood touches, the smoky effect of the infinity holder blends but adds that infinite candle glow!

Create beautiful centerpiece options by pairing these holders with mirrors and other unique shapes and finishes of glass, add in other candle light, and a bold color flower! In a few moments your table can be transformed to the focal point and will have your guests mesmerized by the endless flames that dance around inside the infinity holders!

Create your very own AMAZING with Infinity Holders!