Modern Madness


March Madness isn’t just for Basketball lovers…it can be for those who love a good deal on great décor!

Our Modern Glass selection here is second to none! We offer a modern twist on some traditional products but amp it up a bit with thick, chunky, gorgeous glass. The glass is not only heavy and thick, it is breathtakingly beautiful when lit with a candle!

Here are a few suggestions to incorporate these fabulous pieces into your home or event design!

A simple heart…it speaks volumes! This modern chunky heart shaped tealight holder is perfect for a take-away gift from a Wedding! Simple, small, and elegant! Not branded with something that your guest might not ever use again but something that reminds them of love. Your guests will leave delighted!

Who doesn’t love a Cocktail Glass…an oversize Cocktail Glass at that! Our Modern Stemmed Decorative Cocktail Glass is so incredibly versatile! This lovely piece can be filled with some water and a floating candle to spruce up a bar space. It also can be added to a fun & festive dessert bar filled with your favorite treats.

And if you love a twinkling glow, you will adore our bubble, lattice, diagonal, and cube candle holders. Made with the chunkiest of patterned glass, these heavy pieces can change a whole space! Once your candle is placed inside the way the candle light bounces and dances around will delight anyone that sees it. Using these en masse will create a look that your guests will not soon forget.

Although we highlighted a few of the products in this category, it’s a must to check out the complete line of Modern Glass! From low lying options to taper candle holders to pedestal options, these products provide a fun twist on the traditional…so think outside the average and go MODERN!