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Chalkboard Markers - Set of 8 Colors Earth Tones


Chalkboard Markers - Set of 8 Colors. Earth Set includes 8 markers Cayenne, Green Tea, Granny Bird Blue, Parker's Dreamsicle, Popcorn, Grape Jelly, Teddy Bear, and Spanish Tile.These are 6mm Wet Wipes. Write on glass, mirrors, and chalkboards. Remove with water, easily. Food grade dyes. Non toxic. The markers are 5.5" long with re-sealable cap & pocket clip
comes in clear box that is 6" x 5.75" x 7/8" deep. Use on windows, glass, metal, plastic also. You can use to label your apothecary jars for a candy bar. Clean with water and a damp towel. If residue is left over, use Windex to remove the markings completely from chalkboards, metal, and glass.