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Clay Tape Sticky Floral Green 4ft


Floral Sticky Clay roll is 4 ft long and 1/2'' wide Florist sticky clay is one of the most versatile tools any florist should have. This special pliable green clay has the right amount of stick and tack to tackle any job, large or small. It will stick to basically anything you can imagine. Use it to anchor aqua foam and pin frogs to the bottom of vases and containers. Repair leaks in a cracked vase or watering can. Plug holes in clay pots you want to hold water. The sticky clay is waterproof and the fast and simple all-purpose method of holding soaked or dried foam in place. Even when submerged in water the sticky clay will hold and not loose its stick. The clay is pressure sensitive so press it together to create a moisture resistant bond. This clay sticks to ceramics, wood, glass, metal, plastic, pottery and anything you can think of. Do not be caught creating your next design or arrangement without some of this sticky clay. ?" inch wide roll by 48" inches long. Use with fresh, dried and silk flowers. And it also works to affix taper candles.