SKU: 1797334_01

Eastland Bala Vase 10"

Elegant, classic, and timeless describe this gorgeous Bala glass vase. Introduce this beautiful vase into home design or event design to showcase flowers or candles! With its every so simple shape, whatever is placed inside will be a focal point. Paired with flowers this vase comes to life. When paired with candle light, it becomes a stunning addition to any space. Floating candles in 2" or 3", or Pillar Candles in 2" or 3" diameter can illuminate the clear glass with ease. Add vase filler to the bottom to add interest, or use many of our other Decor products to wrap the vase with ribbon or wire for an edgier design. Size: 3.5"(Top Diameter), 3.25"(Bottom Diameter) 10"(Height)