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Gold Mercury Mosaic Cylinder 4.75" - Vase & Candle Holder


The Gold Mercury Mosaic Cylinder 4.75" is a brilliant flaxen vessel that dazzles its surroundings. This quality glass piece serves a contemporary feel with the reflective champagne coloring; and adds texture to your designs with its mirrored squares that mimic ancient mosaics. With a pillar candle placed inside, the dancing display of light through the speckled mercury finish is breathtaking! This glamorous, versatile vase is perfect for displaying thick floral bouquets in white and ivory; and also beautifully suits rich and bright colored blooms. An excellent choice for Weddings, Events, and Home Décor!

Dimensions:  This lovely piece is 4.75" tall, 5" wide; and has a thick bottom sham. 

Note:  Not guaranteed to be dishwasher or detergent safe.