SKU: 40099907319_01

Iridescent Crystal Curtain 6ft x 36in

Walk through your own curtain of Bubbles with this Iridescent Crystal Curtain! These elegant 1/8" beads dangle 45 strands to a curtain to create an illusion of magic to any Fairy Garden or Under the Sea theme Party! When the light hits these beautiful iridescent pastel rainbows shimmer through the curtain! Can be used to create a standalone wall décor or be used at an entrance for guests to walk through. 

Plastic beam that connects the beads together at the top is just under 36" across, an 1 from front to back. Is 1.25" from top to bottom and had top circular attachments at approximately 8" inwards from both sides. Measures: 6ft x 35in (no hardware included to install).