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Richland 6ft Submersible String Lights Cool White (20 bulbs) Set of 6

Richland Submersible LED String Lights Cool White Set of 6

Submersible Stunner! Adding a little light to water can create the most amazing and gorgeous glow. These awesome submersible LED string lights are completely versatile. You can place these in water, inside a lantern or fill apothecary jars. The list goes on and on!

With a battery already included, all you have to do is twist to remove the simple battery protective circle and your lights will glow brightly. The twist on/off feature is easy to use and will allow for hours of battery life. Creating glowing centerpieces and vignettes in home or event has never been easier with the submersible LED string lights!

(6) Strands included.  Dimensions:6 feet long with 20 lights

This Product uses 2 Button Cell Batteries (CR 2032 3V LED Included)