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Set of 72 Assorted 10 Hour Scented Richland Votive Candles

Set of 72 Assorted 10 Hour Scented Richland Votive Candles

Trying to decide on a color/scent? This assorted set of our Scented Richland® Votive Candles is for you! Boasting 12 of our 13 scented options, you can see for yourself which one is the best for you. Or simply enjoy having beautiful color and scent options for various needs at any time! 

The highest quality wax, 100% cotton wick, and clean-burning combine to make Richland Votive Candles the perfect votive candle! These are the perfect option for long events like weddings, receptions, parties, church services, charity events, restaurants, or even just a night at home. Pair these votive candles with our huge assortment of Eastland Votive Candle Holders. (holders not included)

Scented Sample pack includes the following candles (6 of each):

  • Ivory Vanilla
  • Red Apple Cinnamon
  • Green Vanilla Lime
  • Orange Citrus Fruit
  • Purple Mulberry
  • White Fresh Laundry
  • Brown Cinnamon Bun
  • Navy Blueberry Pie
  • Yellow Lemon Meringue
  • Lavender
  • Pink Gardenia
  • Light Blue Ocean Breeze

Size: 1.5" (W) x 1.5" (H). With the small size of the candle, we get asked all the time about how it burns 10 hours? It’s quite simple. This votive candle (when placed in a tight-fitting votive candle holder) and lit will begin to liquefy. As it does so the wax burns evenly all the way down to the bottom of the holder which is approximately 10 hours. 

For optimum safety and longer burn times, votive candles should always be used with a glass votive candle holder.