SKU: 87260257049_01

Silver Mercury Mosaic Cylinder 4.75" - Vase & Candle Holder

This shining, mosaic-inspired vessel stands proudly wherever it is placed! The Silver Mercury Mosaic Cylinder 4.75" is made of quality glass, features a textured pattern of mirrored squares, and a dappled mercury coating. With thick floral bouquets of white and blush, this piece is stunning in event centerpieces; but it also perfectly showcases rich colored blooms. Or, place a candle inside this modern vase and watch as its icy glow light up its surroundings. The perfect holder to add glamour to any setting! 

Dimensions:  This piece is 4.75" tall, 5" wide, and has a thick bottom sham. 

Note:  Not guaranteed to be dishwasher or detergent safe.