Richland Pillar Candles & Sloan Cylinder Vases Set of 3

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(3 - 1 Each Size) Richland Sloan Cylinder Vases

(3 - 1 Each Size) Richland® 2” Pillar Candles Candles

(1 container = approx. 1 lb) Richland Glass Petite Vase Filler – Clear

Perfect for Home, Weddings, Churches, Restaurants, and Events

Dimensions: 3" x 9.75"/11.75"/13.75"
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Richland Pillar Candles & Sloan Cylinder Vases Set of 3

Who doesn’t love options? Our Sloan Vases give you just that when looking for cylinder vases! The traditional cylinder shape but a petite width version. The Sloan Vase keeps it simple with straight sides and beautiful clear glass with a thick bottom sham.

This ready to use graduated set of 3 Richland Sloan Cylinder vases with 3 Richland Pillar Candles takes the guessing out of decorating! With three sizes that add dimension to your table, this set is simply perfect! The beautiful, dramatic effect of crystal clear glass and white pillar candles can illuminate and delight any location. This set includes our Richland Glass Petite Vase Filler in Clear to add flair to your centerpiece! Possibilities abound in this set!

Vase Size: 9.75"/11.75"/13.75" (H) x 3" (W) x 2.75" (opening)

Candle Size: 2" x 3", 2" x 6" & 2" x 9"

Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Richland
Height 9.75"/11.75"/13.75"
Opening Size 2.75"
Base Diameter 3"
Country of Manufacture China