by Amanda Ullmann November 20, 2018 3 min read

With 2018 coming to a close, we're getting excited for next year and wedding season! We've been keeping our eyes out for next year's wedding trends to share with you.

Outgoing with 2018 we've seen a decline in rustic themes and pastels in weddings. Modern, dark and eclectic is trending with a lot of repurposed spaces, such as old factories and loft spaces.

Couples are also making weddings more personal based on location, making everything more memorable. Wedding trends are changing a lot for sure, but keeping an eye out for trends can make planning more exciting. Are you ready to be ahead of the curve?

1. Mix & Match

Chairs, place settings, floral arrangements or whatever your heart desires! Mixing your decor up keeps everything from looking too matchy-matchy, and gives even the most elegant wedding a personalized feeling.

If you're renting your linens or plates, you can easily mix and match between a few styles without breaking the bank. Another good way to mix and match is to play around with your centerpieces, floral or candles.

2. Jewel Tones
wedding trends

Blush and pastels are being replaced by deep purples, greens and blues for a moodier look. People are incorporating these dark colors in their flowers, candles and other accent pieces.

The flower of 2019 is the dahlia, which comes in many gorgeous deep shades, and looks beautiful in any bouquet. Adding a few vibrant blooms to your bouquet can give you the moodier feel you've been searching for. Adding navy and deep red taper candles to tablescapes can add moodiness to your decor, while also being different from the traditional white and ivory candles in weddings.

3. Customized Accents

Names & dates on napkins, koozies and everything else. Personalized wedding decor makes everything feel a bit more one of a kind and authentic. Each couple can personalize their wedding differently. Some couples do koozies for all the guests, some keep it as simple as doing a personalized cake topper. It's all up to you.

Personalizing different pieces of your decor can be a bigger portion of your budget. So, if this is something you're interested in, be sure to allocate part of your budget to getting personalized items. If you want to DIY personalize some of your stuff, be sure to give yourself time to get it all done.

4. Unplugged Ceremonies
wedding trends

In recent years we've seen countless images of wedding photographers' perfect shot being blocked by cell phones and iPads. To try and help combat this couples have been having unplugged ceremonies.

This is not only to help keep friends and family in the moment, but also keeps guest's technology from photobombing the professional photographer.

5. Sunday Weddings

The average cost of a wedding is more than $25,000, with a lot of costs coming from the venue itself. Couples are now getting married on off-days to cut costs. Getting married on a Sunday is significantly less expensive than a Saturday wedding.

Sunday weddings can also allow for you to spend a long weekend with your loved ones in a special location before the big day. Sunday weddings are also perfect for brunch weddings if you both love brunch. No wonder Sunday weddings are picking up in popularity, they seem to be a win-win!

With 2019 coming soon, we sure are excited to see these new wedding trends in action. With new trends comes new, exciting ways to plan weddings and events that we love to see. wedding trends