December 04, 2018 2 min read

Preparing for the holidays and winter doesn't have to be a chore! It makes your house feel cozy, and can allow you to be creative.

Where we live doesn't get much snow, but we love winter wonderlands. So we decided to create our own dash of snow that we can keep in our homes.

Creating a winter wonderland in your home for the holidays can be simple. All you need is a few items and your imagination!

What you will need for one sparkling snowman:
sparkling snowman First, you will want to take your LED tealights and place one in each bubble ball. This will create a sparkling glow that will brighten everything up. For the body of the sparkling snowman we used white LED tealight candles. sparkling snowman Once you have turned on your tealights you want to go ahead and stack your bubble balls on top of one another. If you are displaying this in your home, be sure to keep out of reach of animals and small hands! sparkling snowman Take the ribbon of your choosing, cut it to whatever length you would like, and tie it in between the top and middle bubble balls. sparkling snowman Place the coaster on the top bubble ball. Be sure to measure your bubble ball and coaster before this to ensure that your coaster won't fall into the bubble ball. Next, place the last LED tealight on top of the coaster. For this we used a red LED tealight for a different type of glow. Finally, place a sparkling votive holder on top of the LED tealight to create the hat! sparkling snowman Of course, you don't have to stop here. You can add eyes, a nose or anything else you would like to personalize your snowman. This could make it a fun DIY activity that you could work on with your children!
If you want to leave out the LED tealights you can hot glue your sparkling bubble balls to each other. This way you can have your sparkling snowman every year without having to reassemble it!
If you want to leave it unglued, you can customize your snowman to fit whatever your theme may be each year. Either way, adding this sparkling snowman to your decor is a quick and easy way to bring a winter wonderland into your home. sparkling snowman