November 09, 2022 2 min read

Bride’s Guide: 4 Points to Consider When Moving In With Your Partner


Moving in with your partner is a big step you must be prepared for. It’s an exciting phase in your relationship, but without proper planning and communication, it can end up as a disaster.


The rise in cohabitation has significantly increased in all age groups since 1987. Before you jump on the trend and start living with your partner, you will want to consider some things to ensure the change is a successful one. Here are four points to consider when moving in with your partner.

1. Discuss Expectations

When you and your significant other decide to live together, you may think they already understand your expectations from the situation. But you should never assume they have the same desires – this can lead to major friction between you.


Before you make the final decision, find time to have a casual conversation and express your hopes and goals for this step in your life.

2. Talk Routines

You and your partner may have had different routines and standards for living before you contemplated moving in together. This may mean different morning habits for preparing for their day or nighttime rituals. Here are some topics you may want to discuss with your partner before moving in together:


  • Sleep
  • Quiet hours
  • Chores
  • Alone time

3. Create a Home Together


There are lots of things you may need to learn about or accommodate for your partner. Maybe you have different cultures, food preferences, home decor, or holidays. These things can look different depending on the house they grew up in.


You may also need to consider furry friends and allergies your partner may have. Allergies affect as much as 30% of adults, so creating a living space that’s comfortable for you and your partner is important. Ensure your ideal wooden floor or beloved pet won’t cause irritating living situations.

4. Determine Expenses

Discussing finances and debts with your significant other can be unpleasant, but it is necessary when moving in with one another. Paying bills on time each month is essential to your living situation and relationship.


Studies show that 73% of married couples and 52% of cohabitating couples combine their money to deal with household expenses. You can create a spreadsheet with items such as utilities, groceries, and more to negotiate the percentages you each will pay.

The Bottom Line

Moving in with your partner is a fun and exciting transition in your relationship. It can be a lot of work, so preparing for it is best to make it as successful as possible.