May 15, 2019 3 min read

Are you tired of those cookie-cutter weddings and want to have an even that will be worthy of your unique love story?

No worries, because here’s a little guide that will show you some of the best ways to make your wedding stand out from the sea of boring ceremonies and receptions.
Decorate for the win
Make Your Wedding Stand Out

You can have the most amazing wedding venue, but if you do nothing for your wedding decorations, your ceremony and afterparty will look just like any other. So, if you want to stand out, make sure to make your venue unique, personalized and fun.

One classy, yet unique, way to decorate your space is to employ mirrors. From mirrored stands for your desserts to mirrored vases for your flowers and mirrored disco balls for your unique centerpiece, this material will add some style and glitz to your wedding. It’s a perfect addition to both formal and informal weddings, depending on your choice of elements. And, your guests will definitely have fun with your mirrored items (there are plenty of fun Instagram photos that can come out of your wedding decorations).

Organize a theme wedding
Make Your Wedding Stand Out

If you want to bring the maximum amount of fun to your wedding, make sure to come up with a theme. There are truly many things you choose from with some being more classic and some being very over-the-top, fun and weird. For instance, you can opt for a beach theme with ocean-side ceremony, a venue decorated with coastal décor and very chill dress code. Winter weddings are very popular too, and so are barn or garden weddings.

If you’re into something more unique, why not go with a circus or magic-based wedding! You can rent a real tent, create a fun menu and go with an extravagant dress code (top hats, colorful bow ties and plenty of vibrant accessories). But, make your wedding entertainment the star of the evening by hiring magicians, illusionists and mentalists to entertain your guests during the slow parts of your evening. With magic shows and games, your guests will become an active part of your wedding and have a blast!

Serve unique food and drinks
Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Many people don’t even remember all the weddings they’ve been to. So, if you want to stand out, blow your guests’ mind with a unique menu. If you want to make the best impression, start from appetizers. Everyone loves these special little bites, but make sure to be creative. For instance, why not go with mini gazpacho soups or mini Thai-inspired tacos that will add a note of fusion cuisine to your wedding.

You can also ditch classic champagne and opt for something more modern and unique. For instance, if you love craft beer, you can create a beer stand for your wedding day and serve local and international craft beer. Also, you can end your wedding on a high note with an end-of-the-evening grill cheese sandwiches, fresh pizza or mac and cheese! These are everyone’s fave and super fun to enjoy in company.

Prepare unique photo shoots
Make Your Wedding Stand Out

You can’t have a wedding without some excellent photos. But, instead of hiring your regular photographer and posing for every photo, why not go for something more special. For instance, today you can hire a drone to record your outdoor ceremony and create beautiful aerial shots. Or, you can create a photo booth, make it free for your guests to use and end up with some precious memories. Or, you can create a hashtag for your wedding and encourage guests to use it throughout the wedding.

This way, you’ll end up with a collection of amazing photos from different perspectives and different moments of your wedding. You can also make custom cardboard cutouts of different situations and people and allow your guests to take funny photos (best one can even receive a special award)!

Give fun wedding favors
Make Your Wedding Stand Out

This is something that can really make your wedding special. For instance, make your outdoor summer wedding even better by gifting your guests some cute Panama hats. Or make your winter wedding more convenient with gloves-and-scarves party favors. This is great because your guests can use them during the wedding!

After a wedding like that, your guests will not be able to stop sharing images and retelling crazy and fun thing that happened during the course of the day. That’s what we call a successful wedding!