April 26, 2017 4 min read

Aisles & Weddings go hand in hand, just like the Bride & Groom! Creating your perfect wedding aisle can be simple and hassle free with these 5 ideas!

We like to KEEP IT SIMPLE so you can create a wedding aisle effortlessly that will welcome your guests, be safe for aisle traffic, and create an AMAZING look! We also like to keep cost in mind. You CAN create a magical aisle on a budget!
wedding aisle

Idea #1

There's no doubt mason jars are easily accessible! Friends and family probably have more than they care to divulge! A simple mason jar with gorgeous baby’s breath creates an airy and romantic feel. Using an accent ribbon to tie them to your aisle ends just completes the look! A few helping hands, some donated mason jars, baby’s breath, and a ribbon of your choosing make this aisle idea one of our favorites! We also love the fact that the mason jars don’t have to match, they can each have their own personality…just like your guests!While you can always dress up your mason jars with different ribbon and flower choices than the ones we used here, mason jars remain an inexpensive option for DIY brides who are trying to keep costs low!

Idea #2

Candle glow and romance go hand-in-hand! So why not add candle glow to your aisle? Using large wide cylinder vases filled with pillar candles not only adds twinkly glow to the wedding aisle, the wide cylinder vases are substantial and safe to house the real flame while staying within fire codes! By adding just a bit of greenery around the base, you have a completely romantic finished look! Florists sometimes have these products available, but if not and you choose to purchase the cylinder vases and candles, these products can be used time and time again in your home for years to come and bring back sweet memories of your BIG DAY. If you're still weary of having flames on your big day, or if your wedding is outside Quick Candles offers LED pillar candles. These pillars are made with an outer wax shell and flickering LED flame so they look like the real deal!

Idea #3

Outdoor wedding aisles are such an opportunity to create magical looks! An easy all-in-one look is lining your aisle with Votive Candle Holder Stakes! Using these stakes with the glass votive holders and votive candles make a beautiful heightened glow as guests walk down the aisle and especially for the Wedding Party! Sweet and simple in all white! This beautiful look can be recreated as-is or you could add a beautiful tulle or organza bow that would add a soft touch and texture to the stake! This aisle idea is a winner! Bonus! The Votive Candle Holder Stakes can also be used to line your walkways from service to reception during your big day! This way you can guide your guests and family in a creative and beautiful way that's also a perfect backdrop for evening time photos!

Idea #4

Whether you're outside or inside you can create a gorgeous wedding aisle with Shepherd Hooks! Using outside these hooks are easily planted in the ground and secured for you to create an aisle by hanging your favorite hanging holder or lantern to fit your wedding style! If you're using inside you can use shepherd hook bases that create the look without having to be planted! The options are unlimited with shepherd hooks! Make sure when using Shepherd Hooks that you test the weight of what you would like to hang to confirm the hook will accommodate. In order to keep costs down, you can add a hanging holder with a floating candle. The combination of the water and candle light is simple and spectacular at the same time! You can always pick a favorite bloom to add to your hanging holder to create a simple floral look that ties into the Brides bouquet! If you can think it, you can create it with shepherd hooks! You are sure to create an AMAZING aisle using Shepherd Hooks.

Idea #5

Even though folks say rustic will go away, we don’t believe it. It will always be a staple for those that love natural looks. Using Milk Bottle Vases with a large statement flower, like a sunflower, will absolutely create a WOW factor down your aisle! The way this wedding aisle incorporates the tree trunks adds to the natural and rustic theme. Who doesn’t smile when they see a big, bright sunflower? Your guests will love the welcoming color and the Bride will beam coming down this beautiful aisle! Rustic looks like this can be used for any season, just switch up your flowers to match the season! After the service brides can take the Milk Bottle Vases and flowers and use them as part of their centerpieces during the reception. This creates a consistent look between the ceremony and reception, as well as cutting down cost on glassware and flowers! Let us know if you have any wedding aisle décor ideas! We’d love to hear them! Just remember, decorating doesn’t have to be intimidating! Re-creating a look you like can be easy, affordable, and AMAZING!