May 12, 2017 3 min read

What makes votive candles perfect for your wedding? As a bride-to-be one of the hardest choices is which candle you use for your wedding decor. Pillar candles, floating candles, taper candles and tealight candles are great choices. However, votive candles are the perfect choice to use as a part of your wedding decor!

Weddings are one of the biggest celebrations of your life. This is an occasion to gather all your family and friends together for a joyous event. You want your wedding decor to reflect the beauty and uniqueness of the couple. A great way to add unique beauty to your wedding is by adding votive candles in with your decor.

Here at Quick Candles we think votive candles are one of the perfect candles for a wedding for these five reasons.

  1. Votive candles come in dozens of colors.

    Different candle colors are be used to further reflect the theme of weddings. However, if you feel colored candles are too much, traditional white and ivory candles are equally as beautiful. The candles can be used to line your aisle, as a part of a centerpiece or anywhere you see fit to really bring out the theme of your wedding. From white to hot pink, Richland votive candles come in many colors. So you can pick candles to match any color palette you have for your perfect day.Votive candles
  2. They pair with votive candle holders which adds an elegant touch.

    From classic to modern, votive candle holders come in a variety of styles and colors to add to your wedding. Votive holders can range from clear and frosted glass to mercury finishes that suit any bride's need. Adding votive candles in holders not only looks beautiful and elegant, but contains the flame within the holder as well. Quick Candles also sell sets of votive holders and candles to make it easier to order!
  3. Votives have a great burn time.

    When used in a votive holder, Richland votive candles have a burn time of up to 10 hours! This ensures that your candles will continue to burn throughout the event and for a few hours after. So, you don't have to worry about your candles burning out halfway through your wedding or reception! Our candles also feature a 100% cotton wick that's clean burning and smokeless!
  4. A votive candle is very inexpensive.

    When you buy Richland votive candles in bulk you can get the price of the candle to as low as $0.21 per candle! Buying votives in bulk can save you more money on decorations for you wedding day versus some other candle options. With the money you save you can put it towards other decor options for your wedding!
  5. Votive candles can be reused for home decor when your event is over.

    Since these votive candles have a 10 hour burn in a votive holder, you can keep the candle and holder after the event for around your home. Guests can even take them as a favor from your wedding! Either way, the candle set you choose will be used after your wedding to serve as a memento of your special day.No matter what candle you end up choosing for your wedding, as soon as you make your decision, you're on your way to AMAZING!votive candles