March 16, 2023 2 min read

5 Fun Wedding Weekend Activities for Large Groups


You want your wedding weekend to be spectacular for everyone and stand out in their minds. Why not take the large group to do something fun before the big day?


Here are a few ways to celebrate your wedding weekend with the people you love most.

1. Escape Room

If your group is full of adventurous people, you might try out an escape room. Escape rooms test your limits and challenge you to think critically, and it helps your group work together as a team under pressure and can even tap into creativity you didn't know you had.


Once the challenge is over, you'll all feel better about your problem-solving skills and might be ready to tackle another one someday.

2. Paint and Sip

This activity could be a great way to have fun with one another and give everyone a memory to take home with them. During paint and sip activities, many people often try to paint the "correct" thing, sometimes too preoccupied with getting it right than having fun.


Try to suppress any natural criticism and just have fun together as a group.

3. Boating

If your wedding is near someplace aquatic, you should make the most of the water. You may have to rent a boat to party on, which you should prepare for. Make sure to keep an eye on the winds and currents so you can slow down appropriately when it's time to dock the boat again.


You and your friends can live it up and celebrate your special weekend out on the water.

4. Hiking

An adventurous bunch would love the opportunity to get up and moving before the wedding. Hiking allows people the freedom to explore a new place and see some amazing sights, so it's an excellent way to release some pent-up energy they may not be able to until the wedding reception.


Make sure you know what to bring on a short hike so you're fully ready. Enjoy your time in nature, unplugged from the rest of the world before the most exciting day of your life.

5. Scavenger Hunt

One of the best wedding-themed activities you can lead is a scavenger hunt. Hide items related to weddings and see how quickly it takes everyone to find them. If you opt for a scavenger hunt related to nature, you might have your group take pictures of items instead of collecting them so they don't disturb the ecosystem.


You could even use your wedding venue if it allows you to set up a scavenger hunt a few days before.

Make the Most of a Special Weekend

With all your friends gathered in one place, it's the perfect opportunity to do something fun. You can book accommodations for your loved ones a few days before the wedding and enjoy your time together.


The activities will make for an exciting lead-up to your big day and the weekend will be much more memorable for everyone.