July 08, 2020 3 min read

When you wake up on your wedding day, you'll have plenty of excited butterflies in your stomach and a lot on your mind. You'll coordinate with your bridal party, family members and venue throughout the day, so you may forget to prepare for your hair and makeup session before your ceremony.

Your hair and makeup team will take care of your final look, but you can prepare yourself ahead of time so everything goes smoothly. Prevent any last-minute wedding day chaos by thinking through your bridal beauty routine.

Check out these five tips for getting camera-ready that will help every bride dazzle in her wedding photos. These last few details will pull everything together, so you don't have to worry about a thing during such a momentous day in your life:

1. Create a Timeline

Well before your wedding day, meet with your beauty team and your venue coordinator to create a timeline. Everyone should know when they'll arrive, what time each part of your beauty treatment starts and when you need to be ready to walk down the aisle. A timeline will keep everyone on track and prevent you from feeling anxious as the hours pass.

2. Review Venue Lighting

You can also walk around your venue with your photographer to review the lighting. Most brides do this by posing for their bridal portraits at their venue, but you can also do this at a regular appointment. Take a few shots in each room you plan to take pictures in. Your photographer can get a feel for the lighting, so they know which places are best for photos.

3. Find Cute Robes

Brides often pose for pictures with their bridal party as they do their hair and makeup, so find some cute robes for these special photos. As you get camera-ready, everyone will match and look picture-perfect. Find ones that match your wedding colors or check out a few styles to see if you like robes with particular patterns or designs.

4. Prevent Too Much Shine

Whether you feel nervous or are battling humidity in your venue, you may experience a bit of shine after your stylist finishes your makeup. Ask a bridesmaid or family member to keep a blotter on hand so you can dab away any sweat or oil before posing for pictures or filming your ceremony video. Your stylist may take their powdered foundation with them when they leave, but a blotter can solve all your problems.

5. Bring an Emergency Kit

During the week before your wedding, make an emergency kit to prevent any disasters. Your kit can include beauty supplies like Q-tips, bobby pins and hair spray for last-minute touchups. Throw in extra things like a sewing kit, band-aids and tissues so everyone is comfortable and ready to go for pictures.

Get to Know Your Skin

If you still have a few weeks or months before your wedding day, get to know your skin. Skincare is what often complicates wedding photos. Learn how your face reacts when you change your diet, face wash or makeup products. Preventing breakouts, oil sheens and dry skin will go a long way in preparing you for pictures. Use these tips alongside your bridal beauty routine to get amazing photos to save in your wedding album.