July 01, 2020 3 min read

When it comes to weddings, there’s no wrong time to tie the knot. However, there’s just something special and especially joyous when it comes to summer weddings! But, it doesn’t mean this season comes without its dilemmas. What kind of cake should you choose for your summer wedding? Find out here.

Go white

White is the traditional wedding cake color, so you might as well choose it for your wedding. However, there’s another reason why you should pick this color: no running! In case your cake starts to melt in hot weather, white will not leave your cake looking like a tie-dye project. And don’t think you can’t make a white cake look stunning. If you need some inspiration, just take a look at these magnificent all-white cakes.

Choose a refreshing summer flavor

Sure, this is your wedding and nothing can stop you from getting a pumpkin-flavored cake, but some tastes are usually more associated with summer than others. For instance, berries, lemon and vanilla are traditionally summer flavors, while chocolate, cinnamon and orange are traditionally winter flavors. So, if you want to give your guests something refreshing and light, berries, citrus and vanilla are a way to go. These flavors are familiar and beloved by everyone, so even if you order cake online, you can be sure you’ll get something tasty. Consult with your baker about details and make sure to order a local cake to prevent transportation issues in hot weather.

Avoid too much buttercream

While buttercream decoration like flowers and swirls look beautiful, they are not perfect for summer conditions. But, what you should especially avoid are heavyweight flowers and heavy fondant decoration! When the hot weather hits, your buttercream will melt faster and cause all the heavy decoration to slide right off leaving your cake looking pretty sad.

Choose a rustic design

If you’re having a summer ranch or barn wedding, feel free to go very rustic with your cake. And what’s more rustic than a naked cake? These are super popular today and they will fit your theme to the T. Aside from them being interesting and pretty, naked cakes are also perfect for summer, since they have no outside icing to melt and leave a huge, soggy mess. Decorate your naked cake with summer berries or some edible flowers and you’ll get a beautifully minimalist and rustic dessert.

Go ombre for a pop of color

Summer is the perfect time to add some color to your wedding. But, while hand-painted cakes look truly amazing, you always risk melting. With an ombre design, you can be sure your cake will look great even if the colors start to blend and run a little. For that happy summer vibe, go with a red-to-pink ombre effect and finish the look with some pink roses—lovely!

Add greenery for decoration

You might be used to all the edible cake decoration made with buttercream and fondant, but these are not suitable for summer weddings. Instead, you can opt for a simple cake and surround it with a bunch of greenery and flowers. Unlike edible decoration, these will not melt, yet will stay looking fresh and gorgeous no matter how hot it is. Plus, greenery fits right into the summer theme, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding somewhere in nature.

Don’t hesitate to cheat a little

Are you’re having a smaller outdoor wedding and you don’t want any leftover cake that will go soggy and melty, yet you want to have that tiered cake that will take everyone’s breath away? Well, you can ask your baker to cheat a little and substitute some of the bottom tiers for Styrofoam. This way, you’ll get all the visual appeal of a big cake without the extra cost, weight and waste.

Simply don’t choose!

If you’re stuck trying to choose between that traditional buttercream cake and a rustic naked one, just stop choosing. Order two or three smaller cakes and you can get all the styles and tastes you like. If you’re worried your cake table will look too random, you can tie it all in with presentation. Opt for the same cake stands and floral table decoration and everything will look completely put-together and intentional. Plus, your guests will love the variety and everyone will get to find something they like.

With a cake like yours, no amount of heat or humidity will be able to stop your guests from gasping when they see your gorgeous dessert. Eat your cake with appetite and congrats on your wedding!