April 10, 2019 3 min read

Who says that every wedding has to have the same, standard menu, with fancy dishes like salmon and champagne? If you choose a menu that does not fit into this whole scenario, you can still have delicious food. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the traditional frames and create the wedding menu yourself.

First of all, you should set the budget. Wedding menus don’t necessarily have to be expensive if you carefully organize everything. If you have a higher budget, by all means, go all out. Lobster rolls, filet mignon…nothing is too fancy. If, however, you have a smaller budget, a good idea would be to create a wedding menu with seasonal fruits and vegetables which will certainly be cheaper. For more precise options just keep on reading.
Finger Food
Wedding Menu Many options come to mind when choosing appetizers. Tuna cones, prosciutto with cheese, vegetable or meat skewer are only some dishes that your guests will love. If you want to make a themed wedding or really go outside the box, mini tacos served with tequila would be an interesting option. Another unique idea is to have a table full of crostini and bruschetta with different flavors and dips.
Main Course
Wedding Menu For the big dish, you shouldn't shy away from everyday meals. Pizza, barbecue, fish, or simple steaks with vegetables can be quite interesting. You just have to pair them with flavorful sauces and dressings, fresh salads, warm bread, and they will have a totally different twist to them. As a side dish, try fries or mashed potatoes with cheese. Now, guess what goes great with this type of food? That’s right: Beer!
Wedding Drink Menu
Wedding Menu Of course, your wedding is a great time to toast to the amazing life that awaits you. However, champagne is not the only drink you can use for that. If this is not the bride’s thing, just imagine how the groom would feel with a beer stand on his wedding day. To make things even more interesting, you can buy craft beer online. This way, you will definitely have more options for your lady guests because these craft beers can come with different tastes. Lemon, orange flavored, pale ale, brown ale, options are numerous. Another refreshing beverage could be corona with lime. Since we are already on that topic, tapas combine both beer and appetizers so you can create your menu around that, too. Just let your imagination do the work.
Dessert Menu
Wedding Menu The wedding cake is sort of a given although you can experiment with that, too, if you’d like. Sweets are something you can be infinitely creative with and be sure it will fit great into your wedding. Create a whole stand with doughnuts, muffins, chocolate chip cookies with shots of milk or macaroons. It will look cute and colorful and the guest will definitely love it. You can even have any type of parfaits: pudding or berry.
Fruit Table
Wedding Menu For all of your guests who are not that big of a sweet tooth, consider making a fruit table. Now, this is not something out of the ordinary since most weddings have them but you can be creative here as well. Make a small fondue section of the table for everyone who likes chocolate with their fruit. Otherwise, just create a big plate of different fruits that you like. Again, a good idea would be to pick seasonal fruit if possible. An important thing to note, with each of these suggestions, is that you will need a professional caterer who has at least some experience in creating these type of unconventional wedding menus. Once you find that, just play with foods and create a unique wedding menu. Wedding Menu