January 29, 2020 3 min read

You’ve just walked down the aisle and married the love of your life. Everything you planned went off without a hitch. Now you catch yourself daydreaming about what's next in your future — specifically, your living situation.

Renovations for Newlyweds Learning how to live together after you get married might take time, but it's easier when you feel at home. Everyone wonders how they can play around with interior design, so why not get started on a new project? Check out these seven most desirable renovations for newlyweds. With the right planning, you and your spouse can conquer these improvements and make your home a perfect place to live.
1. Build a Porch or Deck
Renovations for Newlyweds After you finish moving the last box into your new home, the last thing you want to do is head outside. You have to unpack your belongings and decorate your home, but sooner than later you'll start to yearn for fresh air. That's when a porch or deck enters the equation. A new deck is a great place to host your friends or grill dinner outside. Regardless of the project you choose, it’s nice to have a place to relax at the end of a long day.
2. Install New Kitchen Appliances
Your wedding guests likely gifted you a long list of kitchen appliances. Once you find storage space for your new blender, food processor or stand mixer, you should consider installing new kitchen appliances that will last much longer than what you bought with your house. For example, a large appliance like a new fridge could transform how your kitchen looks. But before you make that kind of purchase, read about different models to determine the best option for you and your spouse. You'll want to find something cost-efficient while still upgrading from whatever you currently use.
3. Invest in New Siding
As life goes on after your honeymoon, you'll get caught up in your responsibilities. Whether you work full time, go to college classes or stay at home to take care of your kids, you may forget about necessary renovations like new siding. It's easy to forget about taking care of your home's siding or watching it for signs of age. Replacing your siding now will save you big in the future since replacement costs between $5,000-14,000 depending on the material you choose. Spend big while you have the cash so you can use your money for fun things later on.
4. Pick a New Shower
It's fun to make your home look like new, but you don't need to repaint every room or replace all your furniture to get that new vibe. Something as simple as picking a new shower will change the lifespan of your bathrooms. Choose something like a walk-in that's easy to clean, so it's stylish and useful for family members of all ages.
5. Replace Your Garage Door
New homeowners and newlyweds don't often think about renovating their garage. When you imagine renovations, you probably think of something like installing new kitchen cabinets, but your garage deserves just as much attention. If the space is freezing, or you’re scheduling frequent repairs for the door, this could be the renovation your home needs. And if you decide to sell, you’ll enjoy an 85% return on investment on average.
6. Finish Your Attic
Many homes have unfinished attics, meant as storage space for all your extra belongings. Newlyweds often find that they need more space once they start having kids, which makes an attic renovation the perfect place to start. You could turn the area into a playroom or guest room, freeing up other places in your home for extra bedrooms. Prepare to save up for this project, since newlyweds pay $12,000-50,000 for full renovations, depending on how developed your attic was when you bought your home.
7. Choose a New Front Door
Renovations for Newlyweds An easy way to choose a renovation that will increase your home's curbside appeal is to get a new front door. Depending on the material and color, you could pick the right door to shift the style of your home. Go big with a bright color or upgrade the size and you'll give your home a face lift.
Talk With Your Spouse
There are tons of fun projects to consider when you're a homeowner. Talk with your spouse to decide which one to start on first. You might add a porch out back for entertaining friends or freshen up your front door. Whatever you choose, you'll feel comfortable and happy in your new nest. Renovations for Newlyweds