February 05, 2020 3 min read

When you walk in your home’s front door, how does the space make you feel? Is it cozy and welcoming, or outdated and stale? No matter how it looks now, you can turn it into the home of your dreams.

Follow the decorating tips below to transform your mobile home into something out of a magazine.
Look for Multipurpose Furniture
In any home, space is precious. Why not maximize the square footage with some smart, multipurpose furniture? In the bedroom, you can opt for a mattress that folds into the wall. Some pieces open up space while others reveal more furniture, such as a desk. Speaking of desks, transform your office or living room with a piece that can fold into a table, entertainment stand or bookshelf. Choose ottomans with storage space inside, such as a fold-out shelf for shoes. You can also find chairs that double as magazine racks.
Hang Your Artwork High
A mobile home can feel cramped if you don’t use the right decorating techniques. To make the ceilings seem taller, hang artwork higher up on the wall. Choose bright pieces that draw the eye and make you happy, such as pictures from your favorite artist. Other ways to make your space seem taller is to use full-length curtains. Look for drapes that match the interior of your home, perhaps a neutral color like white or cream. You can also use mirrors to trick your eyes and make the space appear larger.
Add Lots of Greenery
Great Decorating Ideas for Mobile Homes To open up your mobile home and make it more inviting, look for a variety of plants you can incorporate. Choose options that do well indoors, especially those that can thrive in low-light settings, such as ivy, pothos, philodendron, anthurium and more. As a bonus, houseplants come with many health benefits. According to one study, touching and smelling indoor greenery can reduce stress and anxiety. As you interact with plants, the soil releases cytokines, proteins that influence your brain to create more serotonin and boost your mood.
Open up the Bathroom
Bathrooms in mobile homes tend to be small and tight. To open things up and make it feel airy, add a fresh coat of paint. Try a bright color that pops, like turquoise, coral or copper. You can also try a soothing hue, such as powder blue, lavender, olive or ivory. Once the paint dries, find decorative items — towels and a shower curtain — that coordinate. A monochromatic look will make the room appear larger. Last, don’t forget to add drapes. Look for a sheer option that allows you to see outside.
Try Out Decorative Shutters
Are you infatuated with Cape Cod-style houses, those first introduced by the Puritans in the 1600s? If so, one distinctive feature you can incorporate in your home is decorative and protective shutters. This feature comes in a variety of styles, materials and colors. For example, you may want raised panel shutters — those that look similar to kitchen cabinets — in pea green, something to offset the brown exterior. You could also choose louvered, board and batten, or Bahama styles.
Extend the Living Space Outside
Great Decorating Ideas for Mobile Homes You don’t need to stay cooped up indoors all the time. Instead, extend your home’s living space outdoors with the right combination of furniture and decor. If you have a deck, patio or porch, use it to your advantage. Look for seating that can withstand changes in the weather, such as rattan lounge chairs, a daybed or a hammock. String up some lights to create a sense of atmosphere. Hanging flowy, gauzy curtains will also promote a sense of privacy while making the space feel cozy.
How to Decorate — and Transform — Your Mobile Home
Tired of the same paint colors and outdated carpeting? Follow the decorating tips above to transform your mobile home. Look for practical furniture that has more than one use. Make your space green with a variety of indoor houseplants. You can also extend your living area outside, taking advantage of porches and patios. Just a few simple changes can transform your home into a sanctuary. Great Decorating Ideas for Mobile Homes