January 15, 2020 3 min read

Did you recently move into a new pad? Perhaps you merely want to spruce up the old homestead, but you're a bit short on cash. Why not get creative and decorate with items you already have on hand?

You don't have to spend much, if anything, to update your home's look. The seven projects below enable you to redo your decor with subtle touches. Plus, since you create everything yourself, you can rest assured that no one can imitate your signature style — only envy it!
1. Fill Vases With Curious Objects
https://quickcandles.com/vases.html Who said that you could only place flowers in a vase? If the blooms have long since withered, why not re-purpose that vessel to enliven your decor? You can use old jars for nesting votive candles safely among decorative rocks. You can craft homemade bath salts and lotions and put them within to decorate a bathroom counter. You can even use models with narrow necks to hold spare toilet paper rolls.
2. Use Touch-Up Paint to Make Matching Picture Frames and Shelves
If you recently purchased a new home, chances are, your builders left you a few cans of touch up paint to repair any nicks made by moving in your furniture. You can use these repair kits to create matching picture frames for your walls. You can also use the color intended for moldings to paint complementary shelves to hang on living area walls. You can top these with your favorite family photos or books to add instant personality to your abode.
3. Redesign Your Holiday Wreath
Did you think your wreath was only for the holidays? Think again! Wreaths make a lovely focal point on any doorway during any season of the year. Replace the pine cones in your holiday wreath with lavender sprigs to welcome the spring. Add seashells when it's time for the summer or sunflowers in the fall.
4. Turn Old Fabric Into New Throw Pillow Covers
You can make new throw pillow covers — or even new pillows entirely — by re-purposing old T-shirts. Any fabric that you have sufficient quantities of will do the trick. Accent colors can transform the look of a room. Red throw pillows and accents add energy, while calming blues and purples promote relaxation.
5. Put Your Begonias Up on Pedestals
Do you have leftover building materials? You can use anything from old ladders to pieces of marble countertop to craft plant stands to display your prized orchids. The multi-tiered look creates stunning visual appeal and gives you a place for each bloom.
6. Display Kitchen Utensils on Racks
Decorate With Items You Already Have Who said that you have to throw your kitchen utensils haphazardly into a drawer? Why not paint and hang a rack behind your stove so you can quickly grab a spaghetti spoon anytime you need one? You can also increase your cabinet space by investing in an over-the-island pot rack to hang larger cooking vessels.
7. Transform Moving Crates Into Storage Bins
Does your little angel have a ton of toys? Why not spruce up their playroom by transforming your old moving crates into DIY toy storage your kids will love? Be sure to sand down all surfaces well so that tiny fingers don't get splinters. If your children are old enough, let them help you with this craft. They can decorate the sides with hand prints or other art that they create. It's easier to get your littles to clean up their rooms when they have a toy chest that they helped design!
Decorate on the Fly by Re-purposing Household Items
You don't have to spend much — if anything — to update your home's decor. Use these tips to refresh your look with the items you already own. Decorate With Items You Already Have