May 21, 2020 3 min read

Postponing a wedding is never something brides plan for. In the past, it may have happened because of personal complications, but now the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the 2020 wedding season.

If you've had to pause your celebration or alter it to fit current state or federal guidelines, you're not alone. While you're thinking about your big day, you may have a few questions about what to do regarding your registry. Read about these seven registry etiquette rules for postponed weddings to help make this time more manageable. You'll find the answers to the most common questions and reach the best solutions for you and your guests.
1. Don't Remove Your Registry
Registry Etiquette Rules for Postponed Weddings So many brides feel guilty for having a registry during a time when people are losing their jobs or getting sick. Even though it's noble to want people to skip gifts, it's still a tradition. Your loved ones will want to give you something to celebrate your day, especially since everything has changed overnight. If someone can't afford a gift, they'll send a card or call to congratulate you instead.
2. Add a Charity
You may still have some guilt about asking for things, which is understandable. In addition to gifts, encourage guests to donate to your charity of choice with a link on your website. Consider organizations helping the fight against COVID-19, such as Doctors Without Borders, The Red Cross and Feeding America.
3. Leave Dates Open
Traditionally, guests buy their presents in the month leading up to the wedding. Now that may not be the case. No one knows when they'll have enough money or when they may lose what they've saved, so people may get things from your registry months early. Either on your wedding website or invitation, let them know they're welcome to wait on gifts if they wish to give, so no one feels extra pressure.
4. Keep What You Love
You don't have to return things because you opted for a micro ceremony or delayed it. If someone gives you something from your registry, keep what you love. It's their way to do something nice for you, especially if they can't come due to travel restrictions.
5. Update Your Registry Frequently
Some companies have shut down, and others can't keep up with their pre-Coronavirus production. To make sure your guests have options, create two to four registries on different sites, such as Amazon, Wayfair and Walmart. You should also update your registry frequently in case items go out of stock.
6. Understand Their Finances
Registry Etiquette Rules for Postponed Weddings Another way to adapt to the times is to make it clear that guests aren't required to give presents. Leave a note in your invitations or your website that they must provide for themselves first and shouldn't feel pressured to spend money they don't have.
7. Send Thank-You Notes
As always, it's important to send thank-you notes when you get a wedding gift. Brides typically send these cards within three weeks of receiving a present, so the guests know they're appreciated. Make your notes extra special by writing them out by hand or sending a thank-you video.
Do What Feels Right Regarding Registries
Everyone's experiencing and adjusting to this pandemic differently, so do what feels right in regards to your registry. Update it with less expensive items, include a link to charities and send thank-you notes right away. You'll still have a great wedding and get a few of the things you and your spouse need to start your married life. Registry Etiquette Rules for Postponed Weddings