May 27, 2020 3 min read

After celebrating your engagement with all your loved ones, you sat down to plan the details of your wedding. Maybe you dreamed about an aisle lined with flowers or a five-tiered cake from your local bakery. As you flipped through pictures and took notes on what you liked, you may have forgotten that your skin care needs planning too.

In the weeks and months before your wedding, your skin needs more attention than you might expect. It's there while you're stressed, taste testing foods or trying on different makeup. Make sure you look and feel your best on your big day by including your skin care regimen in your planning process. Here are a few ways to plan and start a wedding beauty regimen. See which bridal beauty tips work best for you so that they become healthy habits you can use well beyond your wedding day.
1. Take Notes on Your Skin
Even if you read about all the latest skin care trends, they might not be right for you. It depends on what kind of skin you have, so take notes over the next few days. Do you typically have oily or dry skin? Are breakouts a daily event for you, or are they rare? After a few days or at the end of the week, reflect on your experience. Tailor what you try according to what your skin needs. It'll save you from guessing and wasting money on products that don't work well for you.
2. Exfoliate Every Night
If you're new to the world of beauty treatments, you might not have experience with exfoliating. It's the perfect place to start your bridal beauty routine because it gently removes dead skin cells. You'll immediately notice you have improved radiance and a natural glow. Exfoliate with a scrub and get used to the process so that you don't damage your skin.
3. Relax and Relieve Stress
Wedding Beauty Regimen Self-care is a huge part of skin treatments because it relieves stress. When you feel anxious, it can affect skin conditions like psoriasis, which may flare up while you get anxious about wedding decisions. Practice self-care habits like journaling or healthy eating to avoid harming your skin before your wedding.
4. Remember Your Lips
Before you end your ceremony with a romantic kiss, take care of your lips so that they aren't chapped. Any good beauty regimen treats lips with anti-oxidant serum so that they rehydrate and reverse sun damage. This step is especially smart if you plan to travel on a sunny vacation before your wedding or spend time on the beach for your honeymoon.
5. Cleanse and Moisturize
Once you start cleansing and moisturizing your skin every day, you'll never look back. Find a face wash that doesn't leave your skin cracked or flakey after you pat away the water. Follow up with a moisturizer every time so that you clean dirt and bacteria from your pores and soothe them with a product that helps your skin retain its elasticity.
Schedule Skin Care Time
These tips are easy ways to plan out the most helpful steps of a bridal beauty regimen. The only secret to making it your new routine is to work it into your schedule. Once you set aside five or ten minutes to treat your skin and lips, you'll look and feel better than ever on your wedding day. Wedding Beauty Regimen