October 02, 2019 3 min read

Whether you're preparing to say, "I do," or you’re simply attending a friend's nuptials, you’ll face additional fashion concerns if the event takes place at the beach. The weather, along with your clothing choices, determine how relaxed you'll feel. That special day will be memorable for all the wrong reasons if your clothes are uncomfortable.

In short, dressing for a beach wedding takes planning, but your attire can prove far more functional than more formal affairs. Keep the following tips in mind as you prepare to tie the knot — or watch someone else take the plunge.
  1. Plan for the Weather
Even if you're getting married on a tropical island, storms brew up. Standing in the wind with bare shoulders can leave you shivering, and being under direct sunlight can be uncomfortable. For maximum comfort, plan an outfit you can modify for the temperature. Think a gown with a removable shoulder-shift if you're the bride. If you're the groom, you likely have a jacket. Guests should pair a short or sleeveless shirt with a jacket or throw to aid in climate control.
  1. Think Light Colors
Beach Wedding American brides typically wear white, although in India, red rules as the wedding color of choice. If you're the groom or a guest, dressing in lighter colors helps keep you cooler in sunny beach venues. The best colors for linen or cotton suits are light blue or tan. These reflect the rays of the sun rather than absorb it, and the fabrics are super-breathable. Plus, the pleasant, wrinkled look these kinds of suits get by the end of the day adds to their charm.
  1. Don’t Forget Your Head
If you're the bride, you might want to forego that elaborate train if you're having a beach wedding. Your head does much to regulate your overall body temperature, and a too-long train can leave you roasting. Think a simple tiara or crown of flowers or opt for a shorter veil if you must for tradition's sake.
  1. Keep the Sun Out of Your Eyes
Sunset wedding? Your eyes will likely feel fine. However, if you're getting married during the day or simply staring at the couple silhouetted by the setting sun, you could get a headache without eye protection. Invest in beautiful sunglasses or, if you're the bride, try a pair of sunglass contact lenses to protect your peepers while preserving your look.
  1. Evaluate Your Makeup
You probably know to wear waterproof mascara for the inevitable happy tears. However, a beach wedding demands a lighter touch from the hair and makeup team, as sunlight highlights any artifice. Swap out a heavy foundation for a lightweight tinted moisturizer and think a hint of lip gloss instead of an overly done pout.
  1. Avoid Sand in Your Sandals
Walking on the beach means sand in your shoes. You can save considerable dough by opting for simple sandals you can easily kick right off — or go barefoot from the get-go. If you're a guest, don't show up sans shoes unless the invite specified an informal gathering. Once you hit the venue, follow the lead of your hosts. If they bare their toes, feel free.
  1. Go Shorter With Skirts
Whether you're the headliner or an extra, dragging your gown through the sand creates quite a mess for your dry cleaner. Plus, you can tear the fabric on sharp shells. Instead, go a bit shorter with a shift-style dress that falls just above the knee. You'll look classy and appropriate but still feel comfortable. If your affair takes place during the summer months, there's no need to wear hose.
  1. Don't Upstage the Bride
    Beach Wedding
Shorter skirts are fine. But it’s best to keep things reasonably modest or you risk having reception banter center around your outfit, not the happy couple. Plus, this is the bride's special day. Do your part to let her enjoy it.
  1. Complete the Look With Accessories
You can let your personality shine with signature accessories to your outfit as a wedding guest or as the bride. A stylish handbag matched with ballet flats looks elegant and proves functional. Don't go overboard — a simple pendant with a pair of stud earrings looks classy without outshining the rest of your ensemble.
Look and Feel Great at Your Beach Wedding
When you dress for a beach wedding, you need to consider both comfort and style. With planning, you can pull off both and create the nuptials of your dreams. Beach Wedding