September 26, 2019 3 min read

With autumn being here that means one thing, endless sweet treats!

Sweet treats for fall come in many forms and shapes, it can be hard to have just one! If you have guests coming, that's the perfect excuse for having a ton of sweet treats laying around your house, but how do you choose what to keep in your kitchen?

We have some suggestions that will keep your guests - and you - a little extra sweet this time of year.

Pumpkin Everything!

sweet treats for fall I know, I know, pumpkin is the most basic of all fall flavors. But here's the thing, it's incredibly delicious, and that's why so many people love it. Maybe you can't make pumpkin spice lattes at home, but pumpkin bread (or muffins) are the perfect not super sweet treat to have as your breakfast with a cup of hot coffee.

Pumpkin pie is yet another perfect pumpkin dessert that doesn't have to only come to your Thanksgiving meal, but can be baked in your kitchen throughout fall. This is perfect to have on hand if you have guests coming over for something like book club on a crisp afternoon.


Apple orchards are great not only as a fall activity, but to hand select your perfect apples to use in your kitchen. Apples provide the base for a lot of sweet treats. You can make homemade apple sauce, which is perfect if you have little ones.

Or, you can make a delicious apple pie. Apple pie is an all-American perfect dessert. We suggest using Granny Smith Apples for apple pie, as the tartness balances our the sugar and cinnamon to keep it from being too sweet!

Apple Cider

Now, apples and apple cider are two completely different types of fall flavors. Apple cider has deep favors that come from cinnamon and nutmeg which creates depth and warmth. Apple cider is like a fancy apple juice.

However, you can also incorporate apple cider into sweet treats for fall. Apple cider donuts are a staple at apple orchards, so why not make some at home to share with your loved ones?

Halloween Themed

Sweet Treats For Fall If you're not into fall flavors, you can still have fall themed treats. There are endless Pinterest how-to's for creating Halloween cupcakes.

From spiders, to ghosts and graveyards you can find something perfectly fall for you, even if you aren't a fan of pumpkin.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a "healthy" potato, but they are can make some great dessert! Sweet potato casserole is perfect as a side dessert at dinner parties throughout fall, marshmallows are option.

Sweet potato pie is another sweet treat that you can keep on your cake stand for guests and kids as well if you want something that doesn't have to be served hot.

Halloween Candy

Maybe you hate to bake, maybe you don't have time. It's totally fine. Filling a bowl in your kitchen with Halloween candy to grab on the go, or offer guests is a hassle-free way to keep treats on hand for your guests (or you) throughout fall.

Be sure to stock up on the discounted candy after Halloween to keep you stocked up through the rest of fall! Sweet treats for fall don't have to be complicated, you can bake from scratch or pick something up from the store, but they are important to keep around the house.

Having sweet treats is a great way to have something with your afternoon coffee, or to have something hand when you have guests over. Either way, fall is a great time to have a sweet tooth. sweet treats for fall