by Dylan Bartlett November 13, 2019 4 min read

Your mother tries to zip up your gown, and it rips out a seam. You wake up the morning of the big day with an eye-catching blemish in the middle of your chin. An overexcited child starts knocking over the decorations.

Wedding Day Disaster How can you prevent these kinds of wedding day disasters from occurring? You want everything to go smoothly on your special day, and while you can't prevent every catastrophe, smart planning can eliminate many potential headaches. Here are nine tips to keep in mind.
1. Stick to Your Budget
You're starting on an amazing journey with the love of your life. It’s best not to get off on the wrong foot. Financial disagreements are the number one reason marriages fail, so set a wedding day budget and stick to it. Your budget gives you more control over who to invite, so don't look at frugality as a negative thing. Sure, your old college roommate may feel disappointed if she's not asked to come. But if you explain your situation, most people will understand. Do you want to associate with someone who doesn't respect your financial decisions, anyway?
2. Keep It Small and Simple
Wedding Day Disaster Maybe you've dreamed of a Cinderella wedding where everyone’s involved, even your second-aunt-twice-removed. Bear in mind that the bigger you make your event, the more potential you create for disasters. If a guest knows she's one of only 10 people in attendance, she's unlikely to bring her toddler along to a child-free event. If she anticipates a big crowd, she's more likely to try to sneak him in. You also have more wiggle room for emergencies with a smaller crowd. If your DJ gets stuck in traffic, you can play games to pass the time before hitting the dance floor. If it starts to rain, you can find 10 umbrellas more quickly than 100.
3. Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions
What if your seamstress lacks sufficient time to make modifications? Make sure you arrange for your dress delivery several days before you walk down the aisle. Carry a small sewing kit with you to quickly repair a lost button or pearl. Remember to budget for your alterations and underclothing, as well. If you have $1,000 to spend, resist the urge to blow the entire amount on your gown.
4. Carry a First-Aid Kit
You don't want to think about spraining your ankle on your big day, but if you're new to walking in heels or you hit a slick surface, it can happen. Carry a first-aid kit with you so you can attend to any minor cuts and scrapes quickly. Make sure to insert hot and cold packs to help heal injuries more rapidly, and include any medications you take on a regular basis. Chances are, your emergency contacts will attend your wedding, but write down essential numbers or clearly label them on your phone.
5. Attend to Your Skin Quickly
What happens if you wake up with a breakout on your big day? To ward off zits, try taking a zinc supplement and laying off dairy products before you walk down the aisle. Avoid trying an entirely new skincare routine. You don't want to risk an allergy leaving you red and blotchy. If you care for your complexion but get a pimple anyway, a cortisone shot can quickly reduce inflammation.
6. Create Contingency Plans
What happens if your baker gets stuck in traffic and hasn't arrived by the time dessert rolls around? What if the limo you rented blows a tire on the way to the church? Make backup plans for occasions such as these. Confirm arrival times the day before your wedding. Find out what your vendors will do to remedy the situation if an accident makes them show up late.
7. Hire Professionals
Wedding Day Disaster You might feel tempted to save money by asking a talented friend to do your photography or a buddy with a guitar to entertain the crowd. Only select this option if you're sure they won't flake on you. Hold them to the same standards you would need from any professional, contract included. Better yet, stick to using professionals as much as your budget permits. A catering company can call in additional troops if they need more help. Your Aunt Margaret likely won't have this luxury.
8. Give Yourself Space to Destress
Talking to your guests can prove exhausting. Plus, you need to hold a perfect smile for all those photographs, and it can take an hour or more to finish the shots at the church alone. Identify a quiet room or space at your reception venue where you can decompress. It's amazing how taking a few minutes to breathe deeply can revitalize you.
9. Help Guests Get Home Safely
You don't want your guests to get a DUI — or worse — if they have one too many. Many people look forward to weddings as times to tipple a few. Consider hiring a shuttle service to make several runs throughout the evening. If your budget doesn't permit doing this, post information about free and low-cost ride services in the bar area.
Make Your Wedding Day Picture Perfect
You want to get hitched without a hitch. By following the tips above, you’ll minimize the chance of catastrophe as you take this incredible next step with your partner. Wedding Day Disaster