November 20, 2019 4 min read

While you're planning your wedding, it's important to focus on the needs of your guests. They're going to wonder what food will be served, where the venue is and if the bathrooms are easily accessible. They'll want to know what they'll experience during your ceremony and reception. With all this going on, they may forget about their transportation needs. It's one of the few things that overlap for the bride and her guests.

Everyone is going to need a ride to your venue, but they may not have the ability to drive their own car. If you're getting married away from your hometown, you'll have the same problem. Read up on some tips that will keep your wedding transportation organized. With some extra thinking ahead, everyone will get to your wedding on time and never have to worry about a thing.
  1. Always Book in Advance
Wedding Transportation Some brides have less time to plan than others, depending on when you got engaged and what date you set for your wedding. No matter what timeframe you must work with, try to book your travel as far in advance as possible. It's smart to reserve travel nine to 12 months ahead of time if you can. Rental companies will need time to figure out if they'll have enough transportation ready for you and your guests on your wedding day. You may be getting married during a popular time of year for weddings, or during other demanding rental times, like prom season. Talk with potential companies about when their busiest seasons are and how that would affect your wedding.
  1. Explore Rental Car Options
You don't have to feel stuck with traditional rental companies, especially if you're finding it difficult to locate one that can work with you on your wedding date. There are other types of transportation options. Look into local companies that rent vintage cars or even buses, and see how many guests they can pick up at one time. Another transportation option is to use a shuttle or car service to your advantage. Have guests fly in on the morning of your wedding and use an airport bus to get to their hotel. Then, coordinate the shuttle to pick them up and take them to your venue. Rental companies are meant to be flexible with customers, so don't feel like you can't bring up different scheduling than is first offered.
  1. Talk with Your Guests
Wedding Transportation Before you get on the phone and start calling rental companies, make sure to reach out to your guests. Their transportation needs will be different, and it's important to keep them all in mind when you're organizing your wedding transportation. See which guests need cars with easy access or wheelchair accessibility. Let them know that you'll keep their needs in mind and will find them the perfect vehicle.
  1. Have Everything Explained
Businesses aren't out to trick their customers, but it's vital that you talk with the rental company you want to sign with about how everything will work on your wedding day. Take notes on arrival and departure times, what guests can expect and if there are any extra fees for people arriving late or being stuck in traffic. The experience will be much more organized if you plan for all contingencies.
  1. Send Info to Guests Early
Wedding Transportation It's never too early to let guests know their transportation has been handled. Keep all your rental information in one place and make sure everything is outlined for everyone. Send it on the back of your invitations if you can, or as its own letter. Email them as well, so guests have physical and digital copies. Cover all the bases so no information is lost.
  1. Keep Reminding Guests
After you send out transportation information, remind guests on a regular basis. How often you send it out is up to you, but monthly is a good idea until the month of your wedding. Then contact them biweekly and even the day before your ceremony. They won't all need to be reminded so frequently, but there's always going to be the one person who doesn't check their mail or their inbox and misses important information.
  1. Set Aside Tip Money
Your guests should know that tipping may be necessary, and it's something to remember for yourself too. Your rental transportation will be the same as your guests, even if you travel in a differently styled vehicle. Ask your rental company if gratuity is included in the overall price, and if not, let everyone know to tip 15-20 percent. Set aside tip money for yourself and put it with what you'll need to get ready for your wedding, so you don't have to worry about it while you put on your dress.
  1. Talk Through Everything
Wedding Transportation When it comes to organization, the best thing you can do is communicate. Talk with everyone, and then talk with them again. Discuss any changing travel details with your rental company and let them know if you have concerns about traffic or guest arrival times. Remind everyone when and where they can catch their ride and if they should tip. Even if you feel like everyone's been on the same page for a while, don't stop repeating yourself. Keep all the information organized and easily accessible. No one will forget their ride or get stuck with transportation problems because they felt too embarrassed to call you and ask a question. Another great way to keep things from getting out of hand is to give your guests the numbers for where their rental cars are coming from. They can call management to ask questions, so you can focus on your big day once it arrives. Wedding Transportation