June 13, 2019 2 min read

So, your venue is flameless, you don't want to deal with the mess, the list of reasons to use LED lighting can go on forever.

However, the biggest question you must ask yourself is Amber LEDs vs. Cool White LEDs? Amber and cool white are both gorgeous options for your home or event. Both options work in any setting, but your decision really comes down to the ambiance that either shade can bring.
Amber LEDs
Amber LEDs vs. Cool White LEDs This is the traditional "flame" shade that comes with LED candles. Amber mimics the flame of a traditional candle. Which is perfect if you wanted real flame candles, but cannot have them in your home, or wedding venue.
The option is readily available in almost all LED candle selections, which makes it easy to find exactly what you want. Amber LEDs are also available in string lights and other LED options if you want to go for a simple look.
Cool White LEDs

This is a more modern twist on LEDs. The bright white looks gorgeous around the holidays and creates a touch of cool to where ever you place the cool white LEDs.

Cool white LEDs are perfect for an event where you want less of a candlelit look, and more of a modern twist on lighting. Cool white pairs well with white flowers, and really offsets the crisp backgrounds if you have a mostly neutral backdrop for your wedding.

Other LED options

LED tealights and submersible options often come in a variety of colors outside of cool white or amber. These are a great option for a kids party, or if you want a whimsical look. Try layering colorful LED tealights and colored candle holders to create a rainbow of colors at your next event.

It's an option that is unique and memorable for sure. Especially if you love whimsy. Fairy Berries are also wonderful to throw on a table, and come in a variety of colors to add a little something extra to your tablescape.

Amber LEDs vs. Cool White LEDs

Amber LEDs vs. Cool White LEDs is the eternal question when deciding what you want for your event. But the thing is, neither choice is wrong. It's all about what kind of vibe you're looking for for an event, and if you like a true candlelit look, or something else.

Each type of LED lighting brings something different to their setting, and each is beautiful. Deciding what works best with your color palette, mood and personal preference can help you pick your shades. LEDs are perfect for a variety of setting where a traditional candle may not be.

Either way, Amber LEDs vs. Cool White LEDs doesn't have an obvious winner in which is better. They're both pretty great, but obviously, you can have a clear winner for your own event. It's all up to you. Amber LEDs vs. Cool White LEDs