June 05, 2019 3 min read

A wedding should be one of the most unforgettable experiences for the bride and her groom. Yet, sometimes guests are completely unaware of the etiquette and they do things that are not very acceptable. Doing this, they spoil what should be some of the best moments for the two people who are joining in marriage.

Since the wedding season is here, you should be familiar with some of the things you should definitely avoid. Learn how to behave well when you are a wedding guest, and do not make the happy couple regret inviting you.
Wedding Guest Drinking sure can be fun, especially when the occasion is so nice. However, getting drunk when you should not is really inconsiderate. No one wants a person who is too intoxicated by alcohol at their wedding. You might say something wrong and embarrassing, whether it concerns yourself or someone else. It would be a disaster to say something you shouldn’t about the bride or the groom and ruin their happiest day. Also, if you get drunk, it will be quite incommodious for people around you, your family or strangers who just have to sit at the same table you are sitting.
Wedding Guest Some people like keeping it simple and they are modest even on their wedding day. It is either that, or maybe they do not have enough money so they need to make something small. They might not like or be able to spend a lot of money on a pricey venue, clothes that are extravagant and expensive, food that is too pretentious, etc. Some brides also feel better if they are dressed comfortably for their wedding day. If you are a guest at a wedding like this, it would be rude to dress too elegantly. Choose casual clothes instead, something that makes you feel comfy and not better-looking than the bride; for instance, order the right pair of women's jeans online and dress it up a bit with a blouse.
Being the center of attention
Wedding Guest There are people who just like making everything about them. Unfortunately, there are wedding guests who do not mind being the center of attention instead of the happy couple. Whether you are the star of the show because you intentionally wear something too revealing and provocative, drink too much and say things that are not appropriate, sing too loudly, or maybe dance in a way that makes everyone stare at you – it can be quite uncomfortable for the bride and the groom. Do not steal their show.
Bringing a plus one that is not invited
Wedding Guest If the budget of the couple allows them to let everyone bring a date, there should be no problem. However, if they invite you only, bringing another person is not very considerate. You will know that you can bring someone if it says ‘your name and the guest’ on the invitation. If the invitation is only meant for you, no other person is welcome, no matter if they are a member of your family or someone you are dating at the moment.
Toast that will embarrass the bride or the groom
Wedding Guest For the bride and the groom, this day should be perfect. They are spending it with people close to them and they invested a lot of money in making everything look so good. What they do not need is an unexpected and unplanned toast, especially something that might embarrass one or both of them. If you do not want to turn their wedding into a complete nightmare, do not talk about their exes or something they do not want others to know. If you want to be a good guest, follow these tips and do not make mistakes that might ruin the day for you or the happy couple. You do not want to be remembered as someone who was responsible for ruining a wedding. If you do not plan to overdrink, overdress, try to steal the show, bring someone who is not welcome and make an unplanned toast that will embarrass someone – you are good to go. If you think you might do some of these things, you better think twice and also think about the consequences. The couple might not invite you to anything ever again, and you might even ruin a good friendship! Wedding Guest