February 17, 2021 2 min read

Longer nights and cold weather create the perfect environment for seasonal depression. Add in the isolation and stress related to the ongoing pandemic and you might struggle with depression more this year than you ever have before. This guide will teach you about beating the winter blues during the pandemic so you don’t have to wait until spring to feel like yourself again.

Try to Exercise Indoors

While gyms remain hotspots and close for public safety reasons, home is the best place to workout. Waves of depression might keep you in bed, but exercising indoors will help you beat the winter blues. When you lift weights or finish a cardio routine, your body releases endorphins that stimulate happiness and the feeling of post-exercise accomplishment. Even a ten-minute routine could alleviate your symptoms.

Remember to Stay Hydrated

The human body needs water to function. It’s easy to forget about drinking water during the winter because there’s no hot weather to make you feel dehydrated. When you don’t get enough water every day, you’ll feel mental and physical effects like irritation and muscle cramps. Track your intake and consider immediate solutions like IV therapy to get your body back on track.

Balance Your Diet

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After treating yourself to a junk food snack or fast-food meal, you likely feel sluggish because of the intense processed carbs and saturated fats. Adjusting your diet fuels your body properly so you can maintain your mental health.

Before your next trip to the grocery store, read about foods that reduce depression, like fish and beans. All-natural nutrients and vitamins balance your moods so you feel empowered after every meal.

Schedule Your Self Care

Beating the winter blues during the pandemic is much easier when you remember your self-care habits. Depression makes you lose your sense of drive, but some efforts don’t require much energy. Try simple things like moving from your bed to the couch or washing your face. Something as simple as sitting in a warm bath will ease your mind and refresh your spirit.

Don’t leave these essential habits up to chance. Schedule your self-care efforts in your planner or digital calendar. Set reminders or alarms so you never miss a chance to help yourself through the winter.

Enjoy Routine Video Calls

Isolation settles in during snow days, but it’s already been around for a while because of the pandemic. Feeling alone intensifies any negative emotions or thoughts you’d typically have, so connect with people through routine video calls. Seeing their faces and hearing them speak has a much different socialization effect than texting. Even if you only spend 30 minutes each week on a virtual call, you’ll notice an immediate difference in your positivity.

Beat the Winter Blues This Year

Now that you’ve read all about beating the winter blues during the pandemic, try these tips for yourself. You might benefit more from some than others, depending on your current lifestyle. Experiment with staying hydrated, eating healthy foods and more to feel greater contentment even as the pandemic continues.