February 22, 2021 2 min read

A year ago, few folks would have imagined the pandemic would last this long. Life can’t wait, and neither can love, but you do need to take some additional precautions when sailing off into the sunset together.

Here are four safety travel tips for your honeymoon.

1. Pack the Right Supplies

If you’re heading to a destination that doesn’t have a mask mandate, you might feel tempted to air out your lips. However, the overwhelming scientific evidence shows that they slow the spread of infection, and you show respect for essential workers for putting yours on without a fuss.

You will have to wear a mask on the plane, but you should also sanitize everything inside the cabin and at the airport. When visitors arrive from all over the world, there’s no telling what strains they may carry, and you can get sick from more germs than SARS-CoV-2.

Please take plenty of wipes and hand sanitizer and go over everything. Yes, airlines have improved hygiene protocols, but it doesn’t hurt to give that tray table a third going-over.

2. Save the Pictures for Later

Did you know that 78% of burglars use social media to plan their next targets? If you post your honeymoon pictures while you are away, you may as well put “My house is currently vacant” as a status update.

As much as you want to wow your loved ones — especially those who donated to the cause — wait until you return home to share.

3. Be Smart About Navigating the Airport

couple on beach

When you’re navigating your airport of choice, it’s important to take extra precautions. Do your best to remain six feet from strangers, and limit your contact with frequently touched surfaces like handrails and kiosks.

As a bonus tip, you can often save money by choosing an off-site parking option near the airport. Many off-site facilities will offer a lower fee, as well as shuttle service to the terminals.

4. Leave a Copy of Your Itinerary

What if you plan to drive instead of fly? If you never traversed the country before but plan on heading to the City of Angels from the Big Apple, brace yourself. America is huge, and you can drive for miles in many places without passing a single service or even home.

Therefore, if you plan on a road trip, leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted friend or relative. Print your planned route off Google Maps. While it’s true that most first responders can find you if you dial 911 on a cellphone, there are still outage areas. When minutes count, why play the odds?

5. Check-in With a Trusted Friend

If you plan an extended honeymoon, you could go missing for some time before folks back home realize anything is amiss. Fortunately, technology can help you stay in touch.

If your cellphone has coverage issues in your destination, you can use apps like Skype or Facetime. Set a regular check-in time every few days to let your stateside peeps know that all is well.

Protect Yourself With These Honeymoon Travel Safety Tips

You want your post-wedding trip to be magical, not nightmarish. Please protect yourself with these honeymoon travel safety tips.