November 29, 2021 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

What’s the ultimate way to show your love? Why not have it written on your body in indelible ink? Numerous couples go under the needle, creating stunning artistic images of their union.

Here are four considerations to make when choosing a couples’ tattoo.

1. Get Inspired

You could go with something traditional, such as a heart, favorite flowers or a tribal design. However, you shouldn’t settle before exploring all your options.

Spend some time at your shop, perhaps making a special visit to view its gallery, and make a list of potential ideas that strike your fancy. Bring your phone to take pictures of possibilities and later tweak them to your precise specifications.

2. Customize Your Designs

Once you select the basic design for your ink, you can customize it by adding much more than your loved one’s name. If you’re savvy with graphic design, why not download your pictures to your tablet, then modify them to make them uniquely yours?

For example, if you’re going with a tree of life design, you can customize the branches to represent your unique family. This is a beautiful option if you’re getting married and already have children.

3. Choose the Right Artist

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Tattoo artists are not created equal. The quality of your ink depends on their skills, experience and unique vision. Friends and relatives are often your best referral sources — ask around to see who others in your intimate circle use. You can also research a shop’s reputation online and call ahead to ask if it offers options such as vegan products if you follow the lifestyle.

4. Decide How to Showcase Your Love

You’ve customized your design and found your shop. Now, the question becomes — where on your body should you get your ink?

Many couples opt for tattooed rings instead of precious metals or stones. This option has the advantage of being guilt-free — you don’t have to worry about supporting the blood diamond trade.

Other popular locations include the chest or upper back, particularly for men. If you’re a little squeamish about needles, consider your hip — you typically have more padding here, making the procedure more comfortable.

Tattoo You and Yours

Getting ink is the perfect way to say, “My love is yours for life.” Weigh these four considerations when getting a couples’ tattoo.

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