November 22, 2021 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

1When you hear the term “private jet,” your mind probably turns to folks like Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, movie stars, or sports celebrities. You might think such a luxury is out of reach for your big day — but that’s not necessarily true. Here’s what you should know about chartering a private jet for your honeymoon.

1. Learn to Talk the Talk

Chartering a private jet isn’t exactly like selecting a mechanic. You don’t have to worry about varying rates based on the vendor’s perception of your expertise. Still, it helps to talk the talk when you approach various companies.

For example, planes come in five primary sizes: turboprop, light, midsize, super-midsize, and jumbo. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, you save a considerable amount on fuel with turboprops, making them the most eco-friendly and usually economical — but you can’t fit much luggage on board.

2. Select the Best Company

You want to select a reputable, reliable company for your private jet charter. You don’t want to find yourself stranded on the runway if your pilot doesn’t show up on time.

You can investigate a carrier’s reputation online. The U.S. Department of Transportation keeps records of complaints filed against specific companies.

3. Pack Accordingly

private jet

One of the advantages of chartering a private jet for your honeymoon is not having to endure baggage checks and claims. You can bring everything you need in your carry-on, eliminating fears that your new bikini or needed medication won’t make it to your destination with you.

You can also safely transport more electronic equipment — a must if you plan to add your adventure to your travel YouTube channel or work on your holiday.

4. Start Your Honeymoon on Your Flight

The greatest advantage of chartering a private jet is that your honeymoon begins the minute you climb aboard. Let your vendor know the reason for your trip. They can stock the cabin with extras to make your journey extra special — perhaps an exclusive bottle of champagne with some chocolate-covered strawberries awaits you after takeoff.

Chartering a Private Jet for Your Honeymoon

Chartering a private jet isn’t necessarily out of reach. Investigate your options and consider this luxury style of travel for your honeymoon.

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