January 11, 2022 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

Your wedding day will be a magical experience, but things can still go wrong. Don’t panic if you have to handle unexpected emergencies. Here are five common wedding problems and how to prepare for them.

1. Last-Minute Wedding Dress Stains

You’re going to have snacks and drinks while getting ready for your ceremony, which means you might accidentally stain your dress. Keep supplies on standby to remove any kind of stain, like to-go sticks or fabric tape that covers unsightly blotches.

2. Supply Chain Disruptions

Decorations will pull your wedding theme and colors together, but what happens if they arrive late? Supply chain disruptions could remain an issue due to labor staffing shortages and ongoing virus concerns. If your decor doesn’t show up on time, consider decorating with what you have around your home or buying romantic candles from a discount store nearby.

3. Booked Venue Calendars

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If you want a short engagement, you may find that your preferred venues have other ceremonies already booked for your date. Postponing your big day to reserve your dream venue could result in muscle mass loss, weight gain or hair growth that throws off your wedding look. Prepare to maintain your appearance for however long you need to wait for your big day.

4. Changing Weather Patterns

Outdoor ceremonies are gorgeous, but they’re also at risk of sudden weather changes. When the forecast suddenly predicts rain, communicate with your vendors so they know where to set up indoors. You can also keep umbrellas on hand at your venue so your guests stay dry if rain starts to fall.

5. New Shoes That Hurt

You’ve picked out special shoes just for your ceremony, so be sure to walk around in them at home. Breaking in the heel will prevent blisters or open wounds where new shoes irritate the skin around your ankles. You can also bring bandages to your venue in case your footwear causes open sores.

Prepare for Wedding Problems

Everyone wants you to have a fantastic wedding, but problems can still happen. Use these tips to prepare for common issues and feel more confident about your big day.

Little steps like bringing bandages, coordinating with your vendors and having backup decor plans will make it easier to handle anything that might occur before and after your ceremony.

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