January 18, 2022 2 min read

By Oscar Collins

Eating food processed and cooked where it’s grown is all the rage for a good reason. It provides incredible benefits to people and the planet alike. Why not incorporate such a theme into your big day? Here’s your 4-step guide to planning a farm-to-table reception.

1. Source Your Vittles

The simplest way to pull off a farm-to-table reception is by selecting a venue that already embraces the concept. Please don’t think doing so means you have to settle. Some such establishments feature extensive wine menus to please the most discerning guests.

Depending on where you live, your local farmer’s market might offer the freshest choice of fare for at-home events. Please don’t think doing so means you need to DIY on the cooking. You can still hire a chef or caterer to manage the roasting and plating.

2. To Meat or Not to Meat

basket of vegetables

Unless you live on a farm, you’re probably not going to slaughter a cow for your affair. Should you serve meat at your farm-to-table reception?

There’s no reason to deprive the carnivorous set. Do your homework — you can probably find a farm near you that embraces humane practices. Be sure to use a meat thermometer when serving buffet-style and follow all food safety guidelines.

3. Educate Your Guests

Your guests might be new to the farm-to-table construct. If so, why not educate them?

One way to do so is by including source information on your invitations and wedding website. Interested guests will be fascinated to learn how you keep things fresh and why.

4. Embrace Total Sustainability

Part of the allure of farm-to-table dining is its sustainability. Support the planet by making other wise choices on your big day.

For example, it’s generally better to use real dishware versus disposable, unless you have a large bash where washing plates will take gallons of water. In such cases, environmentally-friendly bamboo makes a wise choice.

You’d be shocked how many venues don’t offer basic recycling bins. Please plan on providing some if serving bottles or cans.

Planning a Farm-to-Table Reception

There are multiple benefits to eating food prepared where farmers grow it. People enjoy fresher taste while the planet benefits from fewer shipping emissions. If you’re planning a farm-to-table reception, embrace this 4-step guide.

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